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808 cleanups team divers

Twice a month, we help this local non-profit cleanup beaches and parks on Oahu.  (Click the pic for more info.) Join us, wherever you are, in our effort to collect marine debris before it ends up in our turtles, whales, and birds! Keeping our Aina Beautiful!


International Coastal Cleanup logo

September 15, 2018 - PPLLC and the Clean Ocean Club removed 1.5 tons of trash from Moku'oeo Island!  At least a dozen other civic groups cleaned beaches all over the state!  Over 110 countries participate in this annual event!


Breaching whale NOAA NMS

Three months annually, the National Marine Sanctuary and NOAA team up to monitor the winter migration of our humpack whales to Hawaii.  They rely on volunteers from 26 lookouts on Oahu to observe and tally whale behavior and numbers.


Ideal ocean for us all

PPLLC is plugged into the latest in state, local, and nationwide efforts to reduce our industries impact on the ocean.  Commercial diving, shipping, and energy production regulations and future expectations require our flexible leadership and modern technology to save Hawaii's most important resource!


Hawaii Ocean Safety Team logo

Non-profit forum created in 1998 to promote stewardship of Hawaii's waters and enhance ocean safety. PPLLC is one of many representatives from maritime industries, government, and the general public, who are invited to commit to identifying maritime concerns and developing solutions to prevent issues.


PPLLC receives invaluable support from the Veterans Affairs, Small Business Administration, YWCA, several colleagues, and YOU!  Our success as a woman-owned and a veteran-owned business is meant to inspire others.  We champion a world with true equality and maximum potential!